Axel Dominator Duffel Bag

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Rethink the way that you carry your items with this forward-thinking and versatile bag.

This high capacity bag is perfect for longer trips.

Dry and wet Separation, with shoes compartment fitness gadgets.

It's durable and lightweight design means it will last you a lifetime.

Our premium crafted products are renowned for their signature durability and ability to look good over time.

Material: Premium Crafted Leather (PU) and Canvas.

Lining Material: Polyester.

Material: Premium Crafted Leather (PU).

Type: PU (waterproofed).

Size: Approx 49 (L) x 23 (W) x 26cm (H) / 19.29'' (L) x 9.05'' (W) x 10.23'' (H).